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I don't know why I expected anything different

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It’s the hope that kills you

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I'm disappointed, but not really surprised or angry, for the latter two emotions require hope for something better. And there has been nothing in this entire search "process" to engender that hope. From the beginning, it seems clear that Kirk didn't have his heart in it to actually "search" for a coach, the pool of those up for consideration was incredibly restricted to a small handful of candidates with whom Kirk already had significant familiarity. And even then, he couldn't be bothered to get around to doing anything about the search until after the bowl game, at which point a brutal reality struck: no one wanted the job. I was wrong in thinking that the end result of this would be George Barnett being elevated to the position, but right in my diagnosis that no one with career aspirations or legitimate prospects would take on the job. So instead, Kirk went with some random who was, at best, his *FOURTH CHOICE* for the role, and who hasn't been an actual OC in almost a decade.

Eat at Arby's

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I (we) have to live with the dissonance. We want a modern offense that is competent and ranked in the top 50. But Kirk gets us a guy that badly wishes he could do that but instead fails at lower-tier programs. So, why not fail upward?

I know he doesn’t care that much about “the media,” but does Kirk think that anyone is going to give Lester a minute to prove he’s capable? The poor fucker isn’t going to be “on the hot seat” on day one - he’s going to be dangling over a lava pit. Brian got roasted every game - before, during and after. Lester is going to get it worse because they’ll be comparing his inadequacy to Brian. At least that’s how I’ll be seeing it.

I’ll take a beat and be thankful that he actually knows the QB position. There is a small silver lining that Deacon and Marco can get real coaching.

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